russian spy may intercept trump's mobile phone conversation with trump

Russian spy may intercept Trump’s mobile phone conversation with Trump

This summer, a cell phone call from a restaurant in Ukraine by US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, to President Donald Trump appears to be a surprising security breach with major anti-intelligence concerns. There’s a high likelihood that intelligence agencies from many foreign countries, including Russia, will listen to the conversation, according to some former officials who told CNN. “If it is valid, the Mobile call between President Trump and Ambassador Sondland is a flagrant breach of conventional counter-intelligence activities to which all national security officials belong In order to allow Mr. Polymeropoulos, a previous CIA captain who supervised processes in Russia and Europe before reticent this summer, political nominee ambassadors like Sondland are utterly aware of this repeatedly.

I can’t remember any moment in my career when a high-intelligence ambassador like Kyiv would have such an uncomfortable conversation with a sitting president. Just not supposed to happen, “he said. During the free-range on Wed, Bill Taylor, the upper USA representative in Ukraine, announced that an associate of his supervise who accompanied Sondland to meetings in Kyiv, Seeing the ambassador calling Trump from his cell phone, the President overheard talking about investigations. Taylor clarified that he interpreted the word “investigations” about the 2016 election and Joe and Hunter Biden and Burisma’s specimens. “Ambassador Sondland said the Ukrainians are ready to move forward to President Trump,” Taylor told lawmakers.

The call took place on 26 July, according to Taylor the day after Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which sparked a lawsuit by whistleblowers claiming that Trump had demanded”  The new information may support the Democrats ‘ case for an accusation that Trump was involved in an unproven quid expert quo, but the situation also helps as another instance of top US officials violating security protocols related to confidential communications. Whether Sondland’s cell phone has encrypted remains unclear, but US ambassadors typically do not have that kind of protection on their mobile devices, according to current and former US government officials.nterference “from a foreign country to help his presidential campaign in 2020.